News from Mayflower TK

Dec 2017
Door changes: An update to the catalogues will be completed w/c 18th Dec 17 which will contain a large number of new doors and discontinuations. Click for details of the changes

Jul 2017
Burbidge: The Gresham painted ash is a new range with the full 30 painted colours

Apr 2017
PWS:New painted colour palette - now 27 colours:
New colours; Alabaster modern, Chalk blue, Dakar, Dove grey, Lava, Mussel, Silver Grey
Removed colours; Alabaster, Almond, Beige, Cranberry, Damson, Ivory, Linen, Moleskin, Morris blue, Parchment white, Vino, Willow

Apr 2017
True Handleless: New range of German inspired True Handleless kitchens from PWS, Burbidge and TKC - View True Handleless catalogue

Apr 2017
Burbidge: Five new additional painted colours of chamois, pale navy, powder, taupe and teal.

Apr 2017
Burbidge: Discontinued doors / stock colours - Malmo matt mussel, Marlow mussel, Kemble natural oak, Kinsale naural oak, Kinsale painted

Mar 2017
Burbidge: The following 4 doors are discontinued; Malmo bleached oak, mid tone oak, smoked oak and fumed oak

Feb 2017
PWS / Second Nature: The following doors are discontinued; Avant Alabaster, Ebony and White - Avilon - Broadoak Ivory - Coleridge Alabaster - Coleridge Painted - Milbourne Inframe Alabaster - Milbourne Inframe Painted

Jan 2017
New painted colours: Both the Haddington and Welford doors from Multiwood are now available in a choice of 16 painted colours.

Jan 2017
New colour: Dark blue has replaced fudge within the 28 painted colour choices on all Multiwood painted kitchens.

Dec 2016
New doors: A range of new doors and colours from Burbidge, Multiwood, UForm and TKC are now available.
More details

Nov 2016
TKC Following doors are discontinued from Dec 16:
Lucente black • Lucente painted blue • Imola painted blue • Ohio light oak • Ohio walnut • Delaware • Richmond blue • Indianna

July 2016
Burbidge Barnes New shaker door with stock colours of Alabaster, Putty and Soft Grey or 22 colour painted
Burbidge Finsbury New beaded shaker door with stock colours of Alabaster, Putty and Soft Grey or 22 colour painted
Burbidge Kew This half beaded shaker door is now available with the stock colours of Alabaster, Putty and Soft Grey or 22 colour painted

May 2016
UForm Astro Gloss Discontinued with immediate effect • TKC Reflections Discontinued with immediate effect • PWS Remo, Porter and Inzo New 20 colour painted palette options and new stock colours for Remo and Porter • UForm Zola, Wakefield Oak and Strada Matt New door ranges and colours availalbe • Burbidge Zamora, Litton and Cambridge All discontinued with immediate effect

Apr 2016
Burbidge Isala painted Now available in the 25 painted colours • Burbidge Otto matt New door available in the 25 painted colours or from stock in porcelain and light grey • Burbidge Litton soft cream has been discontinued with immediate effect

Mar 2016
Mayflower Wellington - A new shaker gloss kitchen available in cream and white. View
Burbidge Langton A new inframe kitchen available in painted or sanded finish. • Multiwood New range of 28 matt painted colours to choice from. In addition each painted range also offers a RAL colour matching option.

Mar 2016 - Multiwood - Three new kitchen ranges: Torberry, Abberley and Hartside. Plus an additional colour to the Welford range of graphite.

Feb 2016 - UForm - 3 kitchens discontinued with immediate effect: Ultra High Gloss Latte, Ultra High Gloss White and Avonlea Painted

Feb 2016 - Multiwood - New kitchen ranges and expanded paint options of 28 colours arriving in February

Feb 2016 - Multiwood - Lansdowne Oak has been discontinued

Dec 2015 - Second Nature / PWS - 8 new painted colours now available, bringing the total to 32. The new colours are: Beige, Cashmere, Truffle, Spearmint, Vino, Saffron, Graphite and Umber

Jan 2015 - Discontinued doors from Burbidge; Litton dakar, Opus range, Alto range, Hamble oak and Lansdowne natural maple

Dec 2014 - New Parapan catalogue launch for Mayflower is now live - view the catalogue here

Dec 2014 - To price a Mood catalogue door please refer to the door manufacturer catalogue, if you require a conversion list contact the sales office.

Dec 2014 - Marpatt, Trade Mouldings & Linea door catalogues have been removed from our website for the moment, if you require any prices please contact the sales office.

November 2014

Nov 2014 - Uform - the Olympia range is now available with a choice of matt or polished aluminium handles.

October 2014

Oct 2014 - PWS - the Buttermilk ivory and Broadoak light ranges have now been discontinued with immediate effect.

August 2014

Aug 2014 - Uform - from 15th August the Malbec range will be discontinued.

Aug 2014 - PWS - from 18th August Scope Walnut will be discontinued.

Aug 2014 - Uform - have price increases in August.  Order in next 10 days for current pricing (31/07/14).

July 2014

Jul 2014 - PWS - have discontinued Avant Almond and Avant Terra.

Jul 2014 - Uform - have discontinued Dante light winchester oak.

Jul 2014 - Burbidge - have added Lansdowne primed timber

Jul 2014 - Kesserbohmer - price increase of 5%

Jul 2014 - PWS - PWS are adding Dove Grey to popular Porter from the beginning of August.  TKC - have added 4 handleless matt doors - Moda White, Moda Platinum, Moda Pavilion and Moda Anthracite Uform - have add Wakefield ivory and Wakefield painted (both priced as Madison and Jefferson). Also added Wakefield sanded (priced as Jefferson sanded)

June 2014

Jun 2014 - PWS - PWS have taken ‘Stone’ out of the paint to order range and from August will add ‘Stone’ to the stock range.

Jun 2014 - PWS - PWS are adding Dove Grey to popular Porter from the beginning of August.

Jun 2014 - PWS - From the 1st of July PWS have put their prices up by 3.75% across the main range, 1909 will be going up 5%.

Jun 2014 - TKC - TKC’s Lucente gloss range has added three new colours, ‘ Grey, Stone’ and ‘Pavilion’.

January 2014

Jan 2014 - Blum - From 27th January the standard hinge will be Blum (71B3550) clip on Blumotion (soft close), all units with internal drawers will be fitted with Blum (71t7500N) clip wide angle 155 dec. fitted with Blumotion clip on (soft close).

Jan 2014 - PWS - Any Colour for Remo Matt - Can't find that right colour? Remo Matt is now available in any colour you choose.

Jan 2014 - PWS - Coming Soon - New doors coming soon from PWS are Milbourne Painted InFrame, Broadoak Rye and Remo Elm

Jan 2014 - PWS - New Doors - Remo Handleless and Inzo slab. Both available painted to order, in 15 colours and in matt or gloss finish

Jan 2014 - Burbidge - Discountinued door from Burbidge is the Hudson Cream

Jan 2014 - UForm - Whilst stocks last discounts apply to these four doors - Ultra High Gloss Vanilla, Verso Ivory, Merlot Ivory and Merlot Pippy.


Nov 2013 - Trade Mouldings - Both the Hebden and Castledon range have been discontinued by Trade Mouldings.

Nov 2013 - Uform - Week commencing 18th Nov is the last week of orders for pre-Christmas delivery of painted doors.

Nov 2013 - PWS and 1909 - we can no longer supply new orders for painted doors requiring delivery before Christmas 2013

Nov 2013 - Trade Mouldings have discontinued three doors - Arcadia Beech, Arcadia Maple and Arcadia Walnut

Nov 2013 - PWS - With immediate effect the following doors are discontinued; Vanborough, Maki Layon and Avant Cappucino

Nov 2013 - TKC have discontinued two doors - Madison Cream Ash and Madison Wenge


Oct 2013 - Coming soon is a stunning new door in the Burbidge Malmo range - Malmo Fumed Oak

Oct 2013 - Burbidge have discontinued five doors - Brampton Natural Oak, Brampton Ivory, Opus Matt White, Opus Stone Beige and Ravello Black Walnut

Oct 2013 - We're delighted to announce, Andy Dale has joined Mayflower Trade Team as Sales Manager. He can be contacted on Tel: 07788989714


Sep 2013 - Painted 1909 order cut-off date for pre-Christmas fulfillment is Monday 21st October 2013. The equivalent cut-off date for all other PWS painted ranges is Monday 25th November 2013.


Aug 2013 - Cashmere has just been added to the Remo Range - PWS

Aug 2013 - New Remo Matt white door (PWS) available. Great value for money kitchen as no gloss panels needed.

Aug 2013 - Milbourne and Coleridge (PWS) now available in 24 great colours